My Paying Faucets

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  My Paying "FAUCET" Sites  
  I have been paid by ALL of these sites and earn from them regularly.  
You know, the only reason we do any of this internet stuff, is to get MONEY.
Yet there are so many false promises made that it is easy to become disillusioned.
Well.... There is HOPE!
  Each of these sites has stood the test of time and delivered on the promise.  
They PAY and ALL are FREE.
There is proof of payment so you can be sure that they are LEGIT!
  Put them to the TEST. You WILL be GLAD you did.  

Now the one thing that I dislike are complicated faucets that are loaded with redirects. I feel that the reward is not worth the effort. Each of the faucets that I list here is very easy to use. Some are even auto faucets that you can set up and leave to run, others require regular input from you.
I suggest that you bookmark this page (click Ctrl d) as I will constantly update it as I find other faucets that are worthwhile.

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Express Crypto Microwallet
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Some of the following faucets pay directly to this wallet
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FaucetPay. Free crypto from over 350 sites
FaucetPay Microwallet.
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Some of the following faucets pay directly to this wallet
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CRYPTO BULLS Superb LTC Earning Site!
Earn up to 5,000 litoshi every hour
Plus multiple other earning opportunities.
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Earn multiple crypto currencies.
Earn multiple crypto currencies.
Claim every 15 minutes
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  Final Auto Claim  

Earn multiple crypto currencies on auto-pilot.
Choose which coins you want to earn
and how often you want to be paid.
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Claim BTC every 5 minutes
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  Passive Income     Earn Rubles     More Paying Sites     Paying PTC Sites     FREE Advertising  

  1,000 clicks per Email  

 I have earned $211.00 
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2 Tier referral program. Direct referrals 25-50% 2nd level 0%-20%
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