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I've been using Honeygain for some time now and I highly recommend it as a source of Permanent Passive Income.
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Proof of Payment - [01] [02] / [Withdrawal history]
My account is currently at $4.50 on my way to my next payout. :)
Current balance - [27/11/2021]

Honeygain is super easy to use.
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Example of daily earnings [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] (Note. 10 points = 1 cent)
Remember to claim all Honey Jar credits by opening the Honey Jar and adding the credits won

5. Withdraw earnings.

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If you want to increase your passive earnings you should consider using CryptoTab.
This is a very good browser, I prefer it to Chrome, and it has the added advantage of letting you mine BTC with your computer.
I have already mined 0.00108847 BTC, worth about $50.00, and all for FREE!!
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These are my last 5 Payments - [05] [06] [07] [08] [09]
Totally FREE Passive Income. Sweet!
  No Cost! No Clicks! No Catch! Just $$$ 4 U  

  Claim your $5.00 start up bonus NOW!  

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