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Below you will find the sites I am currently running
These sites have paid me ($37.61) without any problems.

|=> $22.21 |=> MoneySpais $9.35 |=> $8.15

(Be sure and check out this is turning out to be quite a rewarding program.)
CashMining Italia
Great Earning. Great Advertising. And a super responsive support Team.
(I have already earned Euro 20.53 ($22.21))
There is also a great game with really good prizes. (I have been lucky enough to win a few)
You can win cash (upto 3 Euro) and temporary upgrades (upto 5 VIP Days). So be sure to register and play the "Pixels Game".
Proof of Payment - [1] - [2] - [3] - [4] - [Withdrawal History]
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Get Cash FREE Earn a Passive income
(I have already been PAID $9.35)
This is a great little miner that runs a very good referral competition with $5, $1.25 and $0.50 as prizes every week.
Based on the quantity and quality of the advertising on the site this one looks like a winner to me.
My 1st payment was processed very quickly and the site has active support. Further evidence that this one is a "keeper"
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Proof of Payment - [1] - [2] - [Withdrawal History] - passive income is the ideal Companion Program to any Cash Miner.
(I have already earned $8.15)
Once set up displays banners each time you refresh or load a page. Since the CashMiners refresh every minute that adds up to a lot of displayed banners that you earn from.
There are also "Paid to visit" ads and "Paid to view" videos so you can earn even more.
<$>  Get referrals and they earn for you.
<$>  10% 1st level, & 5% 2nd to 10th level, commission. For Life! - Great residual income.
<$>  Low $0.03 withdrawal threshold. (Payeer - WebMoney - Qiwi - Monero -
All you have to do is:
<$>  watch your account grow, and
<$>  place withdrawal requests.

Proof of Payment - [1] - [2] - [3] - [4] - [5] - [6] - [7] - [8] - [Withdrawal History] - passive income
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To carry on with other work open a "New Window".
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