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TrafficAdBar. Free traffic for EVERYONE
Use Traffic Ad Bar to advertise your sites AND reach almost everyone on the internet! You'll get More HITS and More REFERRALS. So. If you want more traffic to your sites you should sign up now and add this amazing traffic exchange to your stable.
Hit2Hit. Get Quality traffic to your site.
FREE membership, a 6 second timer and a 2:1 surf ratio makes this a great site. Plus you can advertise your sites, banners and text links.
If you want more traffic to your sites you should sign up now and add this amazing traffic exchange to your stable.
ClickVoyager. delivering quality traffic since 2004
ClickVoyager is both easy, and rewarding, to use. With a super-smooth surf bar and huge credit prizes to be won every few pages. There are also daily and weekly contests giving you the chance to win even more free advertising.

A very rewarding program
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Thanks for stopping by, I am sure you'll be glad that you did.

I get excited when I get emails like this
Congratulations Johan, your position just cycled in ShurAds!
Hi Johan,
One of the positions in the 100% Activity Driven “Trifecta” Infused,
6-Step Progressive Matrix & Rewards Platform, has cycled - Congrats!
(That's worth $0.25 to me.)

Not only that but I get between $0.005 and $0.007 and .5 credit for each advert I review.

I am also guaranteed to get 100% open rate on all that Ads I place and
each time someone reviews my ad I get a credit toward another matrix submission.
So I am winning every which way.

Another major PLUS POINT for this program is that
you do not need to refer anyone to earn big time.
The matrix is structured so that everyone who
joins after you joins under you.
This means that your matrix entries will be pushed up
by every matrix submission made after yours.

Some other great benefits
> You can join and earn for FREE.
> You can earn enough in 10 days to pay for your first upgrade.
> You get rewarded for reviewing ads.
> You get rewarded when others review your ads and
> You get rewarded for referring others.

This is a very Rewarding Program.
Register today to start getting the rewards you deserve!

I'll see you on the inside.


PS: Take the time to watch the intro video. It is worth it.

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Matrix Sites - Recurring Income - Small payment = Big Returns

These are the Matrix sites that I have bought into.

It is very cheap to get started. From $0.50 to $2.00
The potential earnings are very good so I feel that it is worth a punt.

In keeping with my "Income for FREE" quest. All of these programs have been funded with money earned online. (Mostly from MingleCash)

Just be aware that these are NOT "Get Rich Quick Schemes" It will take some time for your investment to cycle and start generating meaningful returns. However they are also not "Set 'n Forget" plans (although you could do that, it's not the best strategy) You need to actively encourage others to join. (You wouldn't keep all this potential wealth to yourself now would you? :))

I look at it this way. If I was offered a raffle ticket for $2 and a prize of $1,000 I'd sure buy that ticket, I'm sure you would too. So I've bought my tickets. Now it's your turn.


Rapid 215 creates the opportunity to turn
$1.00 into $4260 Over and Over Again.

This is a REALLY AMAZING 2 x 15 Forced Matrix! Unlike most Matrices Rapid 215 is not filled with referrals.

You Purchase an Advertising Pack for JUST $1.00 which gives you a great advertising platform, and creates a position in the Matrix.

You also get spillover Company Wide from your Upline and your downline.
You can buy as many Ad Packs as you like providing you with UNLIMITED EARNINGS!

JOIN FREE TODAY! Get your adpacks and kickstart your advertising and your earnings.

I have only recently joined and I am already seeing results. I certainly think that it's worth a Dollar.


50 cents is all you need
What if 50 cents could make you a fortune?
What if 50 cents could become $5152.00?
Wouldn't it be worth 50 cents to find out?


50 cents to FREEDOM

50 cents is all you need
What if 50 cents could make you a fortune?
What if 50 cents could become $5152.00?
Wouldn't it be worth 50 cents to find out?

If you were offered a 50 cent raffle ticket for a chance to win a $1,000 would you take it?

I am sure that your answer is YES Of course I would take it. In fact I'll take the whole book!

Well you're in luck. There is such a ticket and you can get it >>>here<<<

My 50 cents has already grown to $5.00 and I have only recently got my ticket.

Head on over and make sure that you get on the FREEDOM train
50 cents is all you need