Sunday, September 2, 2018

ShurAds. Ads you can be Shur of.

ShurAds Join NOW. Everyone that joins after you joins under you
What is ShurAds
ShurAds is a FREE innovative, easy to use, advertising platform where you will get great exposure for your offer, earn a lot of money and build a great residual income.

> You earn from reviewing adverts $0.005 per ad (this can be used to buy your upgrade, or you can withdraw it.)

> You earn from referring others. $0.25 per qualified referral.
    If you upgrade you earn from entries in the matrix.

> You earn from the increased sales you will get from great advertising program that exposes your offer to all the members.
What does it take to join
It's very easy. All you have to do is click on the banner above. This will take to the ShurAds site where you register. (It's FREE to join and use)

Once you've registered you will get a confirmation email. Click the link in the email to confirm your email address. This is IMPORTANT. Your account will not be activated until you verify it.

Now that your account is verified you can start to advertise and to earn money.
To earn. Click on the "Advertise" tab then click on "Review Ads". Then click on each ad in turn (You can only do one at a time). You earn $0.005 per ad. Do all 100 and that's $0.50 per day.
New position created. Now you can upgrade for as little as $4.95 and earn CASH and CREDITS

As a new member you will be able to surf your way to an UPGRADE in only 10 days

Don't miss this opportunity. Get in now.

I upgraded this way and now already have 8 positions in the matrix. I'm surfing my way to profits.

OH yes. You can send your offer to all the members within minutes of registering.

ShurAds guarantees 1,000 hits to your sites.
And it's true.
ShurAds GUARANTEES 1,000 hits
I signed up as a FREE member and received the promised 1,000 credits and used them to send an advert. And that's that I thought. On all the other sites I am a member of once you've allocated your credits they are gone for good.

 With ShurAds your credits are only used if they are clicked.

To my surprise I found that I still had 984 credits left. I learned then, what they mean by 1,000 guaranteed hits. Credits are only used if there is an actual click to your site. (Must have been a poor mail to only get 16 clicks. :) But I'm still new to this and I am learning.) So now I can still send a mail to 984 members and I can keep sending till all the credits are used up. This means that at a 2% CTR a 1,000 credits at SHURADS is worth at least 200,000 on any other site.
What's not to like?
Click a banner and Sign up now then get your message to 1,000 viewers. GUARANTEED

ShurAds Join NOW. Everyone that joins after you joins under you
Get an automatic downline without any referrals
When you register with ShurAds you are instantly entered in to the ShurAds Activity Push Line. Then EVERY new affiliate that registers after you falls under you in a single line.

This means that as the activity push line continues to grow under you, you could have hundreds, even thousands, of pro affiliates under you over time, all of them helping to push your matrix submissions up the ShurAds 6-step Progressive Matrix System! Your advertising can pay you back again and again! (Up to 6x your ad spend can be earned back.)
What's not to like?
Click a banner and Sign up now to ensure your position in the line.
And there's still more.
You can earn cash by viewing other members ads. (Currently $0.005 per review.)
You can earn cash $0.25 for each  qualified referral.
You earn commissions on any upgrades or purchases your referrals make.
What's not to like?
Click a banner and Sign up now then get CLICKING and start EARNING.


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