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Thanks for dropping by to read my blog.
I am committed to earning an online income, and in the process helping you to do the same.
In this blog I will share with you the programs and investments that I use to create that income.
Believe me when I tell you that it has not been all plain sailing. I have had my ups and downs and paid my school fees. But I am getting better at finding and testing profitable paying platforms.
My pledge to you is that I will not promote any platform that I have not personally invested in and profited from. If it's a new program that seems promising I'll let you know.
My main aim is to show that an income can be generated starting with ZERO cash.
As I am constantly testing new opportunities you should check in often to see what's new.
Here's to our "online" success.
 ** 24/11/2018 - UpDate ** 
I've been so busy clicking and reviewing programs that I lost track of time. I fell foul of one of my own sayings which is "Beware of being so busy doing what you are doing that you are too busy to do what you should be doing"
Since my last update I have found a very good program that is FREE and it PAYS. I have already received my 1st payout. You can get the details >>>HERE<<<

I have binned a lot more programs, they are not necessarily bad, they just do not fit into my goal of FREE.

One thing that I have learned is that I need to take the time to check the program thoroughly. With quite a few I found out that I was not using all the opportunities offered. Now I click every link to find out how the program works.

I have one "Paid" program. (Paid from online earnings so it falls into my aim of earning starting from zero cash.) This program "TurboCash" only costs $3 and I have already earned $18 with it so I am very much in profit. You can get the details >>>HERE<<<

** 12/10/2018 - UpDate **

Didn't realise it has been this long since I updated. It's been quite busy, online and around the house.
Any way I've bombed some programs and started some others. I am quite excited about the new "matrix" programs I have joined. I am expecting good (profitable) things there. Have a look >>>here<<<

MingleCash continues to deliver. My downline team has grown to 40. I'll keep working at building it so that I share the good fortune.

ShurAds is turning out to be a Champion. I am expecting it to grow into a long term source of residual income.

I've also learned to keep better records. The risk one runs with this business is that there are so many "good" opportunities that you tend to join too many and then loose track of where you've been.

I now do two things.
Firstly I have disciplined myself to not sign up to so many programs. I evaluate them carefully first.
Secondly I have a spreadsheet where I record the relevant details of each program.
This is helping me be more organised and in control.

** 23/09/2018 - UpDate **

Another step on my online journey taken.
Done my ShurAds surfing.
Earned another $0.25 towards my upgrade and I've got 4 positions in the matrix each worth $6 at maturity.
I've reached payout value on Mingle so I'm expecting a message from Paypal tomorrow.
Things are looking UP!
Now I know that some of you may think that this is a lot of effort for very little reward. But think of it this way.
When you start a garden there is a lot of work in preparing the soil and planting the seed. Then for many days it seems as if nothing is happening, but you still have to water the garden.
Then one day the 1st seedlings appear and you realise that things were happening after all. So you keep tending the garden pulling the weeds and fertilizing the soil till one day your harvest is ready.
Well I am preparing the soil and tending my garden.
What are you doing?
You can start by checking out my favourite programs. MingleCash - ShurAds and FreeAdvertisingForYou

** 22/09/2018 - UpDate **

I've had a busy few days setting up my online business.
Two programs are doing well.
ShurAds and Mingle
I am using the earnings from these 2 to fund other programs.
If you are interested here are the links.
My goal with this is to show that you can build an online income without spending anything.

CryptoGrowthBot -*-*- ShurAds. You CANNOT lose here -*-*- FREE Advertising for You -*-*- TurboCash. Easiest Income
Mingle Cash - Profitable play -*-*- CashMining-Cash for FREE -*-*- 50 cents is all it takes. -*-*- Matrix Sites - Recurring Income