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  Golden Farm. Earn MONEY by PLAYING!  

100% Matching bonus on deposits + 20% Discount on purchases.

  I have earned $74.72  

By buying birds, harvesting and then selling their eggs.

Earn on 4 levels of Referrals - 30% - 10% - 5% - 5%

Last 5 Proof of Payment - [51] [52] [53] [54] [55]

Join FREE and you get a welcome bonus of 1 Green Bird and 300 Silver Coins to get you started.
You can buy another 2 Green Birds with those 300 coins. (This will give you 360 eggs everyday)

I recommend that you invest at least $1.00. (I use [PAYEER] a super fast multi-currency ewallet with super low fees, but there are many other payment options.)
This will get you 13,393 Silver Coins. Now, including the 300 FREE Coins and the 20% discount, you have enough to buy a Yellow Bird which is a much more profitable option than the Green Bird.
Obviously the more you invest to start the quicker your returns will be.
  NB For the 1st 24 hrs you get a 20% discount on all purchases.  

  Click HERE to join NOW!  

I took advantage of the Special Offer of 100% matching bonus on any deposit and deposited $10.00.
This gave me 133,929 silver coins and a FREE Brown bird
With this I was able to purchase enough birds to give me a really good start.
I take all my earnings and reinvest in more birds, always buying the biggest ones that I can afford.
As my "flock" increases so too does my ability to buy more birds.
My immediate target is to get a flock big enough to generate $1 daily.
I'm currently doing a $1.50 in 2 days but my flock is now growing so fast that my goal is in reach.
Here's a screenshot of my Daily Earnings
Example of Eggs in Nests and Eggs for Sale
Tip 1
Always buy the biggest bird you can afford then, if you have coins left the next biggest and so on.
Just remember.
The more BIRDS you have the more EGGS you get.
The more EGGS you have the more COINS you get.
The more COINS you have the more BIRDS you can buy.
and CASH you can withdraw!

Tip 2
Keep your withdraw coins till you have 7,880 then withdraw them to your PAYEER account. This will give you $1.01 in your PAYEER account within minutes. Then replenish your account with $1 (PAYEER fee is $0.01)
This allows you to take advantage of the 100% matching bonus and get 2x the coins you normally would.
I did this till I had built my flock to a good level then I started to withdraw and keep the profit.
  Click HERE to join NOW!  

There are a number of payment processors available. My preferred processor is PAYEER. Super fast and super cheap. If you want a PAYEER account then get one >>>HERE<<<
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