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  I have been paid by ALL of these sites and earn from them regularly.  
You know, the only reason we do any of this internet stuff, is to get MONEY.
Yet there are so many false promises made that it is easy to become disillusioned.
Well.... There is HOPE!
  Each of these sites has stood the test of time and delivered on the promise.  
They PAY and ALL are FREE.
There is proof of payment so you can be sure that they are LEGIT!
  Put them to the TEST. You WILL be GLAD you did.  

I suggest that you bookmark this page (click Ctrl d) as I will constantly update it as I find other sites that pay.
You will need a PAYEER account. Get one >>>HERE<<<
(Payeer is a MultiCurrency, Crypto and FIAT, Wallet and Exchange.)

1. If you want to open more than one site at a time you must open each site in a different browser. If you open more than one site in the same browser then they clash and you won't get credited for clicks.

2. Other than Best Bonus, I have not had any success with the mining section of any of the sites so I now just ignore that section and concentrate on the surfing section. Hopefully you will have better luck. 3. Best Bonus and Coin-Mining are the most productive sites and I work them all the tiume. The others I open once a day and clean up any available orders.
I have earned 112.15 Rubles
This site has Mining, Surfing and regular bonuses giving superb earning opportunities
Mining Payment [01] - [02] - [03] - [04] - [05] - [06]
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I have earned 159.08 Rubles.
Last 5 Proofs of Payment [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [Withdrawal History]
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I have earned 35.57 Rubles.
Payment proof [01] - [02] - [03] - [04] - [05] - [06] - [07] - [08] - [Withdrawal History]
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  Juicy Cash  
I have earned 2.02 Rubles.
Payment proof [01] - [Withdrawal History]
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  Money Coin  
I have earned 26.12 Rubles.
Payment proof [01] - [02] - [03] - [04] - [05] - [Withdrawal History]
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  r Mining  
I have earned 5.24 Rubles.
Payment proof [01] - [Withdrawal History]
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  Red Coin  
I have earned 11.04 Rubles.
Payment proof [01] - [02] - [Withdrawal History]
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  Rub Mining  
I have earned 11.37 Rubles.
Payment proof [01] - [02] - [03] - [Payment History]
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